"For months, I was suffering from headaches 6 days a week and migraines twice a week or more. I was taking painkillers every day. When my CAT scan came back normal, my doctor wanted to send me to a headache specialist, but I was reluctant to spend that much money just tryng to figure out what was wrong; I felt that the tests probable wouldn't help them get rid of my headaches.

I started coming to this clinic for neck and back pain, but after just three weeks of treatment, I was down to one mild headache a week, and only one or two migraines a month. It's wonderful to be able to have pain-free days and to not have to rely on painkillers to keep me functioning.'


Lower Back Pain

"Before my treatments, I could not stand for more than 20 minutes or sit in one spot for more than 10 to 15 minutes. I would roll onto the floor, and then crawl up a wall with my hands just to get out of bed every morning. It took a couple of hours just to get dressed because the pain would get so bad I would have to take some medicine and lay down for awhile until I could finish getting dressed. I was on pain medicine every 6 hours and then taking Tylenol for break through pain. I did not have a life at all. It was a constant battle just to breathe and try to live. I had given up on normal life until I recieved a package telling me about how I could get my life back without all the pain medication and best of all without all the pain. 

Now after only four weeks of treatments, I jump out of bed ready to go play with my 2-year old daughter. I no longer take pills before getting out of bed. I can get showered and dressed in less than an hour. The pain is just a dull memory in my mind; it has not completely gone, however, compared to what is was you could say it is gone. I now ride my bike, go for walks with my husband and daughter, play on the floor, and best of all, laugh and smile and enjoy life again.

I have a life to live and thanks to the Family Wellness Center and the Doctors here, I now can live my life almost pain free. For five years, I had been in severe pain and now after four weeks, I can smile again. 

Thank you just doesn't seem to be enough." - Bonita Moore




Carpal Tunnel


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