Red, White & Blue & A Healthy You!

Red White & Blue & A Healthy You

July is a month where most in the USA pause to think about our freedom. July 4th is a day of festivities and fun for many, but it can also be a somber day for those who are either remembering loved ones that have died in the service of our nation, or who are currently off in a strange lands protecting our freedom. Today, first of all, I want to say how grateful all of us are to live in a free country, and we owe that freedom to those brave men and women who are fighting abroad to protect it each and every day. Secondly though, a great way to show gratitude for the freedom that we have, is living our best life each and every day, and that includes each of us being the healthiest "you" that you can be! 
Some of us have long-term health conditions that preclude us from being 100%. Others of us though simply haven't made a healthy lifestyle a priority, and because of that, we are not all that we can be for our family, our boss, our friends, and, quite frankly, for ourselves! Much like January can be a month of new beginnings each year, today I want to tell you that July can be as well! You can resolve at ANY point of the year to be the best person you can be, and to get healthy! 
Part of the solution is going to be found in the food you put into your body. Another part is going to be found in the time your spend exercising. Pain management though, is yet another part of being your healthiest you, and that can be done thought various tactics that we offer right here at Kaurich Chiropractic. We are not just a Chiropractic office. We are a total wellness facility and we can coach you through each and every area that contributes to your overall wellbeing! An unbalanced life, whether that be too much food, too much work, or even too much exercise, leads to us being an unbalanced person, and thereby, not being all we can be for ourselves and for those around us. 
So on July 4th (and every day for that matter), let's be thankful for our freedom. Let's give pause to remember those who have, and who are protecting it. However, let's also resolve to be the healthiest person we can be by doing the necessary things to be our best selves! It's one of the best ways we can be thankful for all we have!