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At Masters Sleep, our goal is to find your solution in achieving a better nights sleep. With the help of the premiere innovators of world class sleep products, Masters Sleep strives to provide the highest quality sleep alternatives using our clean, healthy, fresh, and pure philosophy, resulting in a better sleep experience at a better price than our competitors.

ne third of our life is spent on a bed. To stay healthy we need to sleep well. Sleep promotes good health and improves concentration. If a person does not sleep well then he or she cannot work efficiently. Hence we need to have a good mattress to sleep comfortably.

Masters Sleep 
offers 4 different memory foam mattresses. All of which are "Clean, Healthy, Fresh, and Pure" by using the latest technologies in anti-bacterial protection and fabrics from natural and renewable resources. Each having it's own different price point and comfort level. Rest assure that one of these mattresses is suitable for your needs.

In addition, our base and frame products for your mattress offer the best features for your bedroom. They are "strong and stable," constructed of 100% steel, "no tools required," by being easy to set up and break down, and offer "storage under bed" with a variety of accessories for having various heights, storage, and ease of use with your new or existing mattress and bed frame.

Lastly, to compliment your good nights rest, we recommend 2 different styles of pillows.


Silver Science

CLEAN: All of our products are compressed triple sealed and double boxed for maximum protection.

HEALTHY: Silver Science technology is infused into our mattresses; it naturally eliminates multiple species of bacteria and viruses, yet completely harmless to the individual. Natural antibiotic and antimicrobial properties in silver are widely recognized and used in health-care products ranging from bandages, burn care treatments and many products where infection control is critical. Silver is infused into the foam and fibers of our mattress and pillow cover fabrics to create a naturally cleaner, fresher, and healthier sleep environment. Now everyone, especially allergy sufferers, can benefit from a healthier sleep environment knowing that our new technology works to eliminate the millions of dust mites that can infest mattresses and pillows.

FRESH: Evergreen Green tea and ActivCharcoal foam assists in eliminating odor for ultimate freshness from our factory to your home. 

All Natural Evergreen Green Tea is added to our memory foam products to neutralize odors commonly associated with memory foam. It continues to control odor over the lifetime of the product, thereby maintaining freshness longer. Green tea is fast becoming a lifestyle product as consumers begin to recognize the benefits green tea can bring to an overall feeling of health and comfort.

PURE: The antibacterial and natural odor-absorbing properties in our unique packaging bring you a pure and exquisite product.

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