Happy New Year! (our vision)

Dear Friends, 

Happy New Year to you and your loved ones!

We are beyond excited for 2015 and what this year is going to represent in our community because we are officially taking our impact to an entirely new level!

That being said, the goal of this message is to have you walk away with a crystal clear understanding of our vision for 2015!

One of the quotes that entered our lives this past year has become the theme for 2015 and beyond. The quotes states...

"When you have your health you have 1,000 dreams and when you don't, you have one." - Proverb

This insight is the reason we exist and it is our drive in the community.

Just think about your life and a time when you did not have your health (maybe this is even now)... 

Were you able to dream?

Take a moment and really think about this question because when your head is throbbing with a migraine, or you have been diagnosed with disease, or you suffer from allergies - are you able to dream?

The answer to this question is obvious because your aspiration to be the most wonderful parent, or your desire to increase your net worth, or your dream of starting a company are completely ignored because 100% of your focus is on your discomfort (aka lack of health)!

But what we know to be true is that our practice members are DREAMERS!

Their health contributes to their ability to dream because they have it. 

Therefore, our vision in 2015 is to create 500 DREAMERS; people that reclaim their health this year and begin to experience what life truly has to offer.

We know that we are unable to do this alone, which is why we would like to enroll you.

Who do you know right now that needs to dream?

And once you figure out who this person is, let's get them to visit the clinic so that we can create a DREAMER together.


"When you have your health you have 1,000 dreams, and when you don't you have one." - Proverb

It is our absolue honor to serve you and we are driven to create 500 DREAMERS in 2015!

Happy New Year once again!

Be Well,

Dr. Kevin Kaurich