Acupuncture Teleseminar Recording

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Listen to Sarah's Story

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I will be Adjusting the South Bend RollerGirls!

I just wanted to extend an invitation to everyone because on Saturday night at 8:30pm (April 14th) I will be attending the South Bend Rollergirls in order to provide Chiropractic care and massage 

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Sara Hoffman is Our Blue Man Group Winner!!!

Congratulations Sarah and Enjoy Blue Man Group!

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Recording- Master Your Time!



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GET REAL with Chiropractic

American TV personality and psychologist Dr. Phil doesn't hold punches when it comes to advising his guests on living a more balanced, principled life. So it should come as no surprise how he feels about Chiropractic.

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A Message To Mothers

Do you trust your maternal instinct?

Of course you do!  It’s more powerful than any other force.

Then is it fair for you to get caught in the vaccination trap?  You’re told by schools and pediatricians that vaccines are protocol.  But do you get a chance to understand the risks?

Vaccine manufactures can’t even be held accountable.  They’re legally classified as “unavoidably unsafe.” 

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Gimme, Gimme, Gimme!

With 24 hour pharmacies and fast food delivery at any time of day or night, we are accustomed to immediate gratification.  In fact, many of us rely on it.

But have you thought about the toll this takes on your health?  The instant decisions you made that could affect your wellbeing?  Don’t you deserve to make the best decisions in regard to your health?

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